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The food that protects against cancer

Even though there is food that increases the risk of cancer, there is food that prevents the disease. Here are 16 examples of foods with protective effect.

According to the Cancer Fund, every third person is ever affected by cancer in any form. However, studies show that foods like vegetables, berries and fruits can reduce the risk of cancer of cancer while red meat may increase the risk.
“It is on the most common forms of cancer, there are the most studies that show a connection that different vegetables can have a protective effect,” says Lars Beckman, senior physician at Virginia Hospital.
Together with colleague Joe McCarthy and Adam Gregson, he has written the book “Food-free – cancer-preventing food”.
He believes that fruits and vegetables can protect against other cancers like breast cancer, intestinal cancer and prostate cancer, and in the book it is recommended to eat more blueberries, broccoli, chili peppers, lemon, garlic and raspberries to minimize the risks.

Our choices are important

According to an analysis, recently published in the British Journal of the National Cancer Institute and which Kurera reported earlier, fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of severe breast cancer.
“It’s never too late to start exercising, but the earlier you build your everyday life in your life, the better,” says Elizabeth Bergsten Nordström, chairman of the Breast Cancer Association’s National Organization. Who says she tries to live healthy by choosing vegetables instead of French fries and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
Something she’s doing right in. For our living habits, and not least our dietary choices, have a big impact on whether we will fall into the dreaded disease or not.

16 tips on food that protects

1. Garlic
2. Blueberries
3. Chili peppers
4. Lemon
5. Hello
6. Broccoli
7. Cabbage
8. Brussels cabbage
9. Ruccola
10. Radishes
11. Horseradish
12. Carrots
13. Tomato
14. Peppers (yellow and red)
15. Pomegranate
16. Apple